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Inspired by the wineries in Italy and France we decided that our great Melbourne retail markets would be the place to have wine drinkers bring their bottles back to refill them every week or so. Rather than only offer wine from a single winery we took advantage of all our good contacts in the best wine regions of Australia to provide a complete range of wine to cover most wine styles. Like a good wine list we try and have something for everyone. Try anything from a delicate Verdicchio to a gutsy Shiraz or a Pinot Gris to an esoteric Nebbiolo from Gundagai in NSW.

Melbourne's Winery in the City

The French have a word for this: "Negociant". We buy wines that we like direct from wineries in our own tanks and bring them to Melbourne. Usually they're ready to go. Occasionally, if we feel we can enhance a wine we can blend it and mature it until we're happy that it's at its best for you to enjoy.

ReWine has wine stored in the barrel at the Queen Victoria Market and our wine bar and shop in Brunswick East. We generally sell in our own refillable glass bottles, but can sell wine in any volume that you can carry home. We can blend for you on the spot to make a wine specially for you. We can source wine in bulk for you if you want to export or bottle lots of wine for a fundraising or group bottling cooperatives.

Now with our new Brunswick East wine bar, and a newly acquired "on premise" licence at Queen Victoria Market, you can enjoy our wines by the glass with some delicious accompaniments (and our company of course!).

Three Wise Men
Premium Label

To make good wine requires three clever people.

A winegrower, a winemaker and a merchant to choose and sell the wine to the most important person in the whole thing, the one who finally drinks it!

We can all fill the pipeline with what we think is great wine but someone has to drink it for another bottle to be made.