Wine on tap Lygon St Bar

Wine on tap is becoming more and more common and high quality.

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We have been supplying restaurants for four years with wine in keg. We offer single use 30 litre "ecokegs" or 20 litre stainless steel returnable kegs. ReWine can arrange for an installer to set up a system with a font on the bar and gas reticulation. We do not provide this for free because this makes the wine cheaper in the long run. The installation is remarkably inexpensive and the savings are many.

First the wine is offered in a complete range suitable for any wine list. We offer our whole retail product range at a considerable discount. Second you are not paying for bottles and packaging. Third nor are you dealing with the removal of the bottles and boxes, this means no more waking the neighbours with bottles crashing in the the middle of the night.

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