Marianne Smith











Varieties: Shiraz Infusion Apple Cider

Location: Mornington Peninsula, VIC 

The Story: 

Marianne runs Get Smith Cider, a boutique cider makers on the Mornington Peninsula. Having moved on from the corporate world, Marianne turned to full time cider production starting in late 2021. Through sheer coincidence and extensive Instagram scrolling we found the GetSmithCider page on Instagram and messaged it asking if there was cider available by the keg.

Mari-Anne bought in some sample for the ReWine team to try out, after some deliberation we decided on a combination of the Apple and Shiraz Infusion, and after making sure Marianne was happy with the combination as well, we put in an order for the first 20 litres and the rest is history. Now onto our 200th litre in a few short months, we are very happy to have zero waste cider on tap!

The Shiraz Infusion Cider aligns with the ReWine zero waste ethos because it uses Shiraz skins which are a waste product of making Shiraz. Therefore, making the most of them by producing a new and innovative cider that also tastes great- a perfect fit for ReWine.