Location: Whitfield, King Valley, VIC

Varieties: Sangiovese Rosé, Sangiovese, Prosecco, Moscato, Pinot Gris

The story:

Our relationship with the Pizzini family goes back to 1993, when the wine maker at the time, Fred, approached Marshall to be his wholesale distributer when they first started the winery. Between Marshall and Freddie, they developed the Pizzini Brand over a year, laying the building blocks for what the Pizzini brand is today. Freddie and Marshall have continued to pontificate on the wine industry and football, but not politics.

Because of this longstanding relationship, many of the ReWine crew have been on educational trips through the King Valley with the Pizzini winery as a large feature. Pizzini make several wines for ReWine including our incredibly popular Sangiovese. The style of Pizzini suits our tastes, as well as our customers.