Mark & Duncan Lloyd









Location: Coriole, Mclaren Vale, SA

Varieties: Chenin Blanc, Sangiovese, Fiano, Olives, Vinegar

The story:

The Lloyd family and the ReWine family have been working together since the early 90s. Mark is the reason Marshall started in the wine business, way back in 1993. Since then, they have collaborated on wines for both Coriole and ReWine, innovating on new varieties and styles, and experimenting with new practices to keep ahead of the curve and continue to be industry leaders in their own right.

Coriole innovate further by combining sustainability with their wine making, making them the perfect partner for ReWine. In their own words:

“Coriole has a commitment to sustainability on many levels. Our solar energy solution reduces our energy costs and contributes to a sustainable future for our business and our wines. For many years we have been working to regenerate native vegetation areas on the property. Water in the property is recycled, rain and bore. We are increasingly interested in bio-management of the soil producing our own compost and green manures.  Our organic vegetable garden grows produce for Coriole Restaurant's seasonal menu.”

Chenin is one of our favourite varieties, and Marshall has been championing the variety since 1993. Mark and his son, Duncan, have been regular suppliers to ReWine since its inception. Because of this longstanding relationship, ReWine and the Lloyds have been in constant communication, with ReWine having input into all stages of the wine making process for the wines that we receive from them.