Mark Walpole













Location: Beechworth, VIC

Varieties: Chardonnay, Tempranillo, Pinot Noir

The story:

Mark is the leading viticulturalist in Victoria’s Northeast, and the ReWine crew have been dealing with him since meeting at the Annual King Valley Winemakers & Growers Campfire Night circa 1998.

Mark worked for Brown Brothers for a long time, before being involved in a project in Heathcote called Greenstone. After leaving Greenstone, he went to Beechworth and started his current winery called Fighting Gully Road (named after one of his vineyard sights in Beechworth).

Because of the lengthy relationship ReWine has with Mark, we get the Beechworth Chardonnay- something hard to come by and exclusive at ReWine. The Tempranillo we receive from Mark is from the oldest Tempranillo vineyards in Victoria (with Mark pioneering the variety), and he has also made the Pinot Noir for us previously.