Robert Ellis








Location: Mount Macedon, VIC 

Varieties: Pinot Noir

The story:

Robbie’s father, John Ellis, was the original wine maker for Pizzini, when Marshall and Freddie were building the Pizzini brand way back in 1993.
Rob is the wine maker at the family-owned winery called Hanging Rock.

The connection was made thanks to Mark Foletta, who gets most of his grapes made into wine at the Hanging Rock Winery.

Our search for a Pinot Noir in a 2021 Vintage lead us to Robbie, and it was the start of a long and happy relationship. Robbie is now making some fantastic natural wines for ReWine (an orange wine for the natural consumer). His flexibility as a wine maker has been incredibly helpful, with Robbie already being roped into making the 2021 Pinot Gris from Mark Foletta (coming soon!).