Simon Robertson

















Location: Tumblong Estate, Gundagai, NSW

Varieties: Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo Rosé

The story:

Simon and his father started in the wine industry producing consistently good Noble/Botrytis wine in Australia (out of the hilltop region, Canberra).

Simon has been dealing with the ReWine family since 1995, where Simon approached Marshall to do his distribution for a label called Bidgeebong.

Since then, they have become great mates and worked on many projects for ReWine, like the Gold Medal winning Nebbiolo (2014 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show). On one occasion, Simon asked us what to do with 5 tonnes of Nebbiolo grapes, which Marshall said to make Rosé out of (thanks to tasting Steve Pannell’s Neb-Rosé). The Neb- Rosé ended being one of the most popular wines ever sold at ReWine. 

We continue to work with Simon as he has firm views on growing wine sustainably and managing the land to guarantee quality wine in a changing climate.