Kim Chalmers















Location: Merbein (near Mildura), VIC

Varieties: Ansonica, Nero d’Avola, Viognier

The story:

Our relationship with Kim started when she had one of the first releases of Viognier in Australia, 2012. They had produced a high yield and we were looking for a new variety, we ended up buying a few thousand litres - which was a lot at the time. That first batch took us 3 years to sell. A testament to the ReWine wine handling process is that the Viognier was better at the end of the 3 years than when it was originally purchased.

Chalmers is an innovator in Italian varieties, essentially being a research and development facility for new varieties being grown in Australia. Since 2012, ReWine has purchased the first two vintages of Ansonica ever made in Australia, and one of the first Nero d’Avola.