M. Chapoutier











Location: Pyrenees, VIC

Varieties: Grenache Shiraz, Shiraz

The Story:

We came across the Australian branch of the famous French Chapoutier company in 2019 whilst looking for a new Shiraz. At the time there was a young winemaker called Pierre working for Chapoutier in the Victorian Pyrenees who was looking for new outlets outside of the typical commercial bottleshop chains. He came into ReWine Brunswick with some sample bottles, a sparkling smile and a good attitude so we sat down and did a tasting with the samples he brought in.

The Chapoutier vineyard in the Pyrenees is surrounded by Eucalypt trees, of which you can taste the Eucalyptus oil that settles on the grapes, we did some trials with blending to find the right ratio of Grenache to Shiraz and settled on the wine we have now had on the ReWine taps for 3 years.