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2 May 2019

April Newsletter

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Easter, filled with lots of delicious wine, chocolates and hot cross buns (with or without company, we won't judge).

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Easter, filled with lots of delicious wine, chocolates and hot cross buns (with or without company, we won't judge).

Please note our trading hours over the Easter / ANZAC period:

As a recap, April has been an exciting month at ReWine and we have lots going on. In case you've missed it, here's 3 reasons why you must pop in for a visit this month.

1. Mulled Wine is BACK! Yes, the time has arrived. Pop in to Queen Vic or the Brunswick bar for a mug of delicious hot wine
2. Our ReWine Malbec is officially Melbourne's favourite Malbec! Winning the peoples choice award at the 2019 Gauchito Gil Malbec tasting. If you haven't already tried it, get in quick!
3. We are now pouring two new delicious red wines, a new 2017 Vintage of our Shiraz and an 'Italian Rosso' from the Murray Darling region. If you haven't already tasted these wines, you need to! 

Mark Foletta pretty happy with himself after winning the Peoples choice award at the Gauchito Gil Malbec tasting

We also recently spent some time up in one of our favourite Victorian wine regions - Beechworth, visiting two of our favourite wineries, Sorrenberg and Fighting Gully Wines.

The purpose of the trip was to complete a barrel tasting of the new vintages of our 2018 Beechworth Chardonnay and Tempranillo, with winemaker Mark Walpole (strictly professional of course). We were all blown away with the quality of the wines, and you'll be glad to know they will both be on pour over the coming months!

Marshall and Mark tasting the 2018 ReWine Beechworth Chardonnay and Tempranillo with wine maker, Mark Walpole.

Whilst in Beechworth, we were lucky enough to catch the end of the bottling process at Sorrenberg (conveniently also the fun part!).  After all the hard work was done, we sat down for lunch with winemakers Barry and Jan Morey and tasted the upcoming 2018 Sorrenberg Gamay. If you haven't tried this wine, you need to try and find it!

Next Tasting: Noble Sweet Whites

Date: Thursday 2nd May
Time: 6:30pm
Price: $40
Includes wine and food pairing

Our next tasting is a special one. We will be exploring some different examples of Noble Sweet White wines. For centuries in Europe very late harvest wines have been from grapes infected in the vineyard with the Botrytis cinera mould, such as French Sauternes and German Beerenauslese. This mould is known as 'Noble Rot' and develops in the ripening grape berries causing higher sugar and acid levels adding to the complexity of these some simply delicious wines.

Because of the uniqueness of how these wines are produced, and their often low yields they regularly fetch extraordinary prices, with one bottle of 1787 Chateau Y'quem of Sauternes once fetching over $100,000 (the most expensive white wine ever sold)!

In the tasting, we will be tasting a range of different Noble White wines, including our own delicious Noble Semillon example of course. There will be an example from the infamous Sauternes region and some delicious food pairings which bring out the best in these already beautiful wines! 

Please contact us to reserve your spot!