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30 Apr 2014


ReWine have just secured a regular supply of small hand made port barrels. They are made from old American Oak that has been used for ageing bourbon previously.

These barrels are 6 litre and 25 litre. If you fill them with our aged tawny and can bring yourself to leave them alone for six months you will have some really good outcomes with the fortified developing quickly into a very good wine.
The best trick is to take the 25 litre barrel and put 20 litres of aged tawny and a few litres of our 20 year old Topaque (tokay) to enjoy it right from the start. Then just top it up each six months or so with more of the Tawny.
Use the six litre barrel, but leave it alone for a few months at the start and it will reward you well.

We also have a limited supply of 25 litre new oak barrels suitable for ageing red wine from your home winemaking. Your home brew will only need a few months in these to pick up enough oak influence. Consider that wineries use 285 litre barrels for ageing wine for up to twelve months. These small barrels have a lot more surface contact with the wine so need less time.

Marshall Waters
0412 588 440

Port Barrels