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8 Dec 2016

New Release Tempranillo

We have just released our new Tempranillo. This is the first time we have had a leading winemaker make a wine especially for us.

We are excited.
Mark Walpole is recognised as growing and making one of the best Tempranillo in Australia. His own Fighting Gully wine is a serious long term wine that is released at 3 years after oak maturation and can be kept for another three years to be at its best. We asked him to make us a fresh fruity vibrant style with no oak influence to drink in the first year and enjoy straight away.
We think it's excellent and Mark has done a great job meeting our style ideas.

The wine has finished medium bodied with lots of juicy primary fruit with enough structure to avoid looking like a lollipop, and finishes nice and zesty.
Great summer drinking that could even take a bit of chilling on a hot day by the BBQ.
$18.00 for 750 ml and $15 when you bring it back to refill.

Marshall Waters