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6 Dec 2013

The rise and rise of Rose

Finally after about 20 years of the industry trying to get the public drinking Rose in Australia it's actually happening.

Rose' is such a suitable wine for our climate it is amazing that it took so long. Maybe we rebelled against the Mateus Rose' that was our first encounter with the style and we could not bring ourselves to go back there.

In the last 5 years we have had some of our good winemakers finally presenting us with some fine dry styles made from premium fruit and sold at prices that make us take them seriously.

Chateau D'Esclans took on the challenge of producing the worlds best Rose' and did a seriously good job with their Garus. This wine is made with all the care and complexity of a premium White Burgundy and is stunning. To get an idea just try their entry level Whispering Angel at less than $40.

We now have Aussie Rose' being made from Pinot Noir with is lovely soft cut strawberry and surprisingly from the more Savoury varieties like Sangiovese, Mouvedre and Shiraz. Look out for them this summer and enjoy them at a BBQ instead of a big Aussie red on a hot day.

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