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Grenache Shiraz 2019 - Pyrenees, VIC


This wine was blended by us, and made up from two organically grown and made batches. It’s made by a leading international wine maker that is doing a joint venture with one of Australia’s best Shiraz wineries.

The Pyrenees is not usually our favorite region for red wine because they have a propensity to show minty flavours from all the Gum trees in the area. This wine was offered to us and showed no such problems. It’s a deliciously fruity red, medium to full bodied and not aggressive with tannins or acid as it is more than 60% Grenache which is always soft and juicy. It is low in Sulphur additions and shows delightful fruit.

Made by the French wine Company Chapoutier at their Heathcote winery, it is a nice smooth alternative to our Reserve Shiraz. In typical cool climate style, this Grenache Shiraz comes to the party with pockets filled with white pepper. Plenty of fruit along for the ride, with plums and blackberries all in attendance. Pair this one with a rich ragu, or a strong blue cheese.

Organically grown and made.

Vegan Friendly.

Available at Rose St and Lygon St. 

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