Soft and fruity red wine to drink chilled winner

Italian Rosso - 2018 Murray Darling VIC

A unique blend of Uva di Troia, Sagrantino, Piedirossi, Nero D'Avola. These varietals have been introduced into Australia over the last ten years specifically to produce better flavour in wines out of our Riverland and Riverina irrigation regions where so much of our wine is grown.

These Italian styles range from, full bodied and “black” with strong tannin and high alcohol not dissimilar in style to our Barossa Shiraz right thru to soft fruity quaffable reds that even suit being chilled.

Aussie winemakers are making good use of the retained fruitiness and producing soft easy drinking reds that are instantly likeable as young wines. I call ours a frivolous red that is not to be taken seriously and can be drunk chilled in the hot weather.

Drink it any time out of the fridge and glug it down at a bbq. It’s a bit lower in Alcohol and won’t kick as hard as a big Aussie red.

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