It's young, but it's fun

Tempranillo 2021 - Murray Darling, VIC 

This variety is the mainstay of the Spanish Red Table wine industry. A bit like Shiraz in Australia, it is used to produce anything from a cheap light red all the way thru to their biggest and best Rioja (a bit like our Grange).

The Australian industry is showing a lot of interest in it because it retains good fruit and structure in warmer climates, producing good results up along the Murray in our irrigation areas. The traditional Aussie varieties tend to get a bit hard and fruitless in this environment, but the Tempranillo retains some nice mid palate fruit and gentle low acidity.

Quite young, so still showing heaps of red fruit, it’s real juicy. Handfuls of fresh raspberries, dusty tannins, and a hint of vanilla, looks a little carbonic. Goes great with grilled meats or Mexican food.

Vegan Friendly.

Available at Rose St, Lygon St and Queen St.

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