The Team

Maddy, Brunswick Venue Manager


















The newest member of the team, Maddy has big plans for the Brunswick East store. She joins ReWine bearing not only a huge amount of experience and knowledge in hospo managment and back of house operations, but loads of charisma as well. 


Jordan, Fitzroy Venue Manager


















Carrying more swag than Ned Kelly, Jordy operates the Fitzroy ReWine. With a wealth of experience in the funkiest bars of Melbourne, Jordy brings heaps of experience leading awesome teams in hospo and creating a good team culture.

Mel, Queen Street Venue Manager


















When Mel arrived for her first day, she was given a paint brush instead of a wine list as we had not finished the new store. Mel brings extensive hospitality knowledge to the Queen Street ReWine, having worked in wine bars, breweries, pubs, late night venues and restuarants across Melbourne. 


Elisha, Retail Strategy


















The busiest of anyone at ReWine, Elisha splits her time between the jet-setting music industry and selling Prosecco to Fitzroy hipsters.


Marshall, Founder














Responsible for sourcing all the wines, Marshall has been in the wine industry for nearly 40 years. All of the great wines we put on are based on the extensive industry contacts developed by Marshall over a lifetime.


Janet, Director
















With a history in Silicone Valley Tech and IT project management, Janet makes sure all the ReWine systems and back of house operations run smoothly.


Charlie, General Manager

















Here to make sure everyone has what they need, Charlie has worked in ReWine since the very beginning and together with Marshall develops the business into new areas and avenues. He can be found driving the refill delivery van around, or working hard selling wine in other places, from coporate events, to functions to weekend markets. 

Cam, Marketing Strategy














Cam started developing his marketing skills at age 5 when he was able to describe all ReWine wines to 50 year old Greek guys at the preston market; he can still sell Pinot Noir to just about anyone.


Tom, Brand Manager













Everyone from Brunswick Road to Bell street knows Tom at ReWine Brunswick. Tom brings a wealth of knowledge in charm and charismatic allure, whilst it is easy being lost in his deep blue eyes he also has the best read on culture of anyone in the business, so uses these skills to develop the brand and reputation of ReWine.